Wieliczka Alkali Mine

The Wieliczka Alkali Mine, amid in the boondocks of Wieliczka in southern Poland, has a different position in the history of alkali mining. Built in the 13th century, this abundance was in operation for 700 years bearing bedrock alkali after abeyance until 2007, acceptable one of the world’s oldest active alkali mines.
The calibration of blasting in this abundance is huge – a circuitous coil of corridors, galleries, and chambers, accretion added than 300km in breadth on several levels. But the miners who formed there did added than aloof abundance salt. Over the centuries, these miners alive underground had accustomed a attitude of abstraction sculptures out of the built-in bedrock salt.
This accommodate dozens of statues, three chapels, altars, bas-reliefs, and an absolute cathedral, alike the chandeliers that adhere from the ceiling.
It is an amazing sight, one that draws over a actor tourists from about the apple anniversary year.
Image and Source By :- Funzug.com