Pamban Bridge India

The Pamban Bridge on the Palk Strait connects Rameswaram island to acreage India. It refers to both the alley arch and the axle railway bridge, admitting primarily it agency the latter. It is the longest sea bridge in India at a breadth of about 2.3 km (2345 meters) and stands as a accomplished archetype of Indian architecture. The bridge was complete with acceptable acclivity and a admirable backdrop of the sea, abutting Islands and alongside abuse bridge beneath can be beheld from the alley bridge.

The railway
bridge is 6,776 ft (2,065 m). Bridge was opened for cartage in 1914. Bridge contains vertical lift area and still it is activity quiet well. It carries beat barometer trains on it, however, afresh the Indian Railways are in the action of advancement it to backpack ample barometer trains.
Structural Engineering Analysis Centre, Chennai - a Bridge civic analysis class in India, is administration this task.

A airing on the
Bridge is an animating experience. At times the breeze could be strong. The appearance of the abroad sea and the cord of islands on the larboard of Pamban island is artlessly breathtaking. Admitting the arch is a beauteous structure, the access to the arch from both the Mandapam and Pamban abandon do not do amends to this absorbing landmark.


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