Three Amazing Facts about South Korea

I am an American living in South Korea. I have lived here for over five years and so I have a lot of experience living in Korea and experiencing Korean culture. Here are three things about Korea that you might not know.

  1. They love English.

Korean people spend roughly $18billion US on trying to learn the English language per year. Insane, right? Almost everyone always wants to improve their English. There are private schools, called hagwons, where many students go to learn English and other subjects after finishing regular school. English learners come in all ages, ranging from kindergarteners to 80 year old retirees. Levels also range from basic to sounding like a native speaker. Continue reading…


Marta Klonowska Crated Shattered Glass Animal Sculptures

Marta Klonowska could be a Polish creator from capital of Poland. Her passion is sculpture and he or she creates installations of her superb shattered glass animal sculptures, generally inserting them ahead of historical paintings from masters like Sir Peter Paul Rubens and d’Agar. whereas the supply paintings had the animals in secondary roles, Klonowska makes them the pay attention. As she explains to European Glass Context:

Marta Klonowska Crated Shattered Glass Animal Sculptures

“Animals square measure tough to know and it\’s troublesome to speak with them. My glass animals open thus a brand new reality, that is completely different from ours. The sitters within the painting, the animals and also the audience of my art perform in an exceedingly quite theatrical stage, wherever the various levels become faint. This clash of realities ought to build North American nation trust the uncertainties of life.” Continue reading…


Amazing iPhone Pro Concept

Designer Choi Jinyoung has appear a new iPhone abstraction alleged the “iPhone Pro”. It appearance a 3D camera, a DSLR lens mount, a congenital pico projector, and a disposable adamantine drive.

Amazing iPhone Pro Concept

Amazing iPhone Pro Concept

It is advised for users who tend to assignment with the camera added than any added app! iPhone Pro appearance a 4.5 inch advanced LCD awning with 2 ancillary buttons. The 1.2megapixel 3D camera notches by hooking able-bodied with a DSLR lens. Projector capabilities, carriageable apostle and disposable adamantine deejay (at the rear). The appropriate ‘mount’ connects the iPhone PRO and DSLR lenses seamlessly. Disposable DSLR lens with a 12 megapixels sensor that turns the iPhone into 3D camera. Continue reading…


Amazing Underwater Jellyfish

Amazing Underwater Jellyfish 8

Lurking beneath the apparent of the ocean is a apple that we still apperceive little about and Russian abyssal biologist and columnist Alexander Semenov is accomplishing his best to certificate it with these beauteous adorable underwater photographs of jellyfish.

At the moment Alexander is currently on a three-year-long bout about the apple alleged the Aquatilis campaign which aims to afford ablaze on the creatures that we rarely get to see and apperceive little about. Photographing abyssal activity is absolutely no accessible task, abnormally back it comes to afraid – “You can’t absolutely abstraction gelata in labs or in an aquarium, because their bodies can abatement afar from a distinct animal touch”, says the aggregation of Aquatilis. Continue reading…